Albalat dels Sorells

Nomadic Camping Car is located in this small municipality of around 3,900 inhabitants.


Albalat dels Sorells, located in the heart of Valencia’s northern orchard less than 10 minutes from the main communication routes (By-Pass, V-21), offers the Nomadic Camping Car client all the necessary services to cover both the needs of a technical stop during its journey to more distant destinations, such as to enjoy a pleasant stay a step away from the sea, from the city of Valencia and, less than an hour’s drive from numerous tourist attractions.


During your stay at Nomadic Camping Car, don’t forget to visit the Albalat dels Sorells county castle. You will be able to admire its magnificent Gothic architecture from the 14th century, which has its maximum expression in its beautiful interior court.


Parallel to the urban area of Albalat dels Sorells, runs the bike lane known as “Via Xurra”, which starts from the city of Valencia and is a bike lane that facilitates the movement from it to some of the most important towns in the county of Valencia “Horta Nord”. This bike path, which runs through some of the garden areas with the greatest landscape value in the entire region, is an excellent way to enjoy the landscape of the garden either on foot or by bicycle.


Near Albalat dels Sorells, the bike path runs through an extensive green area, which has sports equipment, children’s play area … is a place close to the campsite that is offered to our clients as an excellent setting for the practice of running, cycling, quiet walks or outdoor games with the smallest of the group.

Consult the following web links for more information about activities and places of interest in Albalat dels Sorells:

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