Camper area regulations


GENERAL PROVISIONS.– All people staying in the camper area are obliged to comply with the provisions of this regulation and the regional legislation that regulates tourist camping. The specific rules for the use of common areas must also be complied with, the information of which may be consulted in those spaces, by means of informative posters.


The main entrance / exit door for vehicles will remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The establishment, outside that time period, does not allow the entry / exit of vehicles. Clients, 24 hours a day, can enter / exit through a pedestrian door.

In the event that the client needs to leave the establishment before 7:00 a.m. with his/her vehicle, he/she must inform the reception the day before.


The customer service office will be open during the following hours:

  • From October to May: From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • From June to September: From 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


To enter the establishment it is MANDATORY for all clients over 16 years of age, the presentation of the corresponding National Identity Document or Passport, as well as completing the documentation at all times required for it by the Spanish authorities. In the case of registering an arrival without prior reservation, the client must inform of all the billable concepts that he/she will use. If any variation observed in the aforementioned concepts is not communicated to the reception, it will be billed from the first day of stay.


Please go through the reception at the time of your arrival in order to complete the check-in, even if you already have a confirmed reservation. Possible subsequent changes in location must be authorized by the camper area. In the case of the client’s arrival at the establishment in a time slot in which the reception is closed:

  • You can proceed to occupy a plot in the eventthat you have a confirmed reservation. It will be located in the assigned plot whose number will have been provided in the confirmation form. Please go through the reception when it is open again, to proceed with check-in.
  • In case that arrival at the establishment occurs without prior reservation, please parkthe vehicle outside the establishmentand go through reception when it will be open again.


Customers who need to use the service of electricity will notify the reception at the time of check-in (if they have not done so by prior reservation). The reception personnel will inform you which plug to use. Using ungrounded plugs is prohibited.


Pets are welcome at Nomadic Valencia Camping Car. Since we are sharing the same space with other people, to create an environment of coexistence and respect, we ask pet owners to bring them tied and under supervision at all times. The physiological needs of the animals will always be met outside the camper area. At reception we will inform you of convenient areas near the camper area. The entry of animals that are obviously dangerous or cause inconvenience to campers is prohibited. If the animals meet such characteristics, the Company and the client must meet and agree on a solution for the benefit of all the clients. All pets staying in the camper area must have a current vaccination card and the regulatory chip.


The following are declared hours of rest in the camper area:

FROM 3:00 PM TO 5:00 PM: During these hours, the client will avoid all kinds of noises, voices, arguments, regulating the sound devices (especially televisions and radios) so that they do not cause inconvenience to the neighbors.

FROM 11:00 PM TO 08:00 AM: During these hours the silence will intensify, being prohibited the movement of vehicles inside the enclosure, except in exceptional cases in which an emergency or a need of the campsite so provided. Special care will be taken with the sound produced by televisions and radios.


It can be done during reception hours and according to the payment conditions shown in the reservation confirmation document. The camping day ends at 12:00h. After that time, if the client has not left the plot on the agreed day, he/she will be billed one more day.


The price rates for all concepts will be paid, as appropriate, in the reception office of the establishment.

Regardless of the agreed length of stay, the Company may require customers to pay, at any time, for the services already provided. It may also be required, in cases of agreed permanence, that the client satisfy in advance, as a deposit, up to 100 percent of the amount that the agreed stays will amount to.

Payments for the different stay rates will be computed per day, according to the number of overnight stays, accruing in any case, at least, the amount corresponding to one day, and it being understood that the last, or the day of departure, ends at TWELVE HOURS.

Vehicles are not allowed without their occupants being in the camper area daily. If the client plans to be absent from the accommodation for some days and leave the vehicle parked in it, he/she will be obliged to inform the Reception Office, which may accept the absence in accordance with the circumstances that may arise, or invite the client to leave the plot with all their belongings, in any case the minimum price to pay when the occupants are absent will be the equivalent value of two people and a plot.

Those who intend to make their departure before the reception office opens, must settle their account the day before.

The campsite is classified by the competent authority in a certain category for which current regulations require the provision of certain services. The entrance or permanence rates for people and vehicles give the right to overnight in accordance with these Regulations, and to the use by the client of the aforementioned services in accordance with the following detail:

No additional payment: (camper’s rights)

Public lighting – Playground – orchard area

Hand wash facilities

Sockets in sinks

Sinks, toilets and showers

Garbage cans and their collection

Camping surveillance – Wi-fi

First aid kit

Drinking water consumption

Hot water

Gray and black water discharge


Additional people under 5 years old

With complementary payment according to rates exposed to the client:

With complementary payment according to rates exposed to the client:

Supermarket store

Electric hook ups on plots

Any service that the company provides, without being required by the current Tourist Organization to the category that the campsite has assigned, is completely voluntary. Consequently, it may suspend its provision totally or partially, at any time; and as long as such suspension does not take place, the payment by the user of the amount of the corresponding consideration that will appear encrypted at all times in the table or tables of prices exposed to the client, at least in the Reception Office.


It will not be admitted to the camper area, or will be expelled from it, when there is a well-founded presumption that they are going to violate the rules of coexistence, morality or decency, or intend to enter or enter it for the purpose other than carrying out the activities of the establishment. In this sense it will be understood -Reserved the Admission Right-.

The Right of Admission is also reserved for those who with their belongings occupy or will occupy plots that have not been previously booked. Nor will entry be accepted to those who are debtors of the Company due to services rendered previously and whose amounts had not been made effective at the time.


It is the direct responsibility of the causer of accidents inside the campsite, where driving at a speed greater than 10 km / hour is not allowed.

The camping Management is not responsible for lost objects, thefts or subtractions of which the clients could be object.


  1. Submit to the specific requirements of the company Owner of the camper area aimed at maintaining order and good governance.
  2. Respect plants and facilities with the proper use of them.
  3. Observe the elementary norms of coexistence, morality, decency and public order.
  4. Communicate to the management of the camping, the cases of feverish or contagious disease of which they have knowledge.
  5. Leave the camper area once the agreed time has ended, unless it is extended by mutual agreement between the company and the client.
  6. Collect garbage and waste of all kinds in plastic bags that will be deposited, properly closed, in the containers that the company distributes for this purpose inside the campsite.
  7. Leave the land in which the client has settled in the same conditions in which it was found, taking special care to make any ditch or earth movement that has been carried out disappear.
  8. Deliver any lost objects found to reception.
  9. Keep the volume of the radios and televisions moderate, so that they do not disturb the neighbors.
  10. To have the domestic animals tied, and with the corresponding sanitary card in order. Collect the droppings of your pets.
  11. 11. Parents will be responsible for their children in all activities that take place at the campsite, as well as in all its facilities.


Campers who are clients of this camper area are prohibited from:

  1. Disturb the rest of the other clients during the indicated hours.
  2. Playing games or sports that may disturb other clients.
  3. The use of charcoal or firewood barbecues, or the realization of fire. The use of gas or electric barbecues is allowed.
  4. Be accompanied by animals that manifestly pose a danger or inconvenience to campers.
  5. Feed wild cats.
  6. Carry weapons or objects that can cause accidents.
  7. Abandon garbage waste out of the containers designated for it, and especially throw it on public roads.
  8. Introduce people not lodged in the camper area, without the prior authorization of the camper area’s management.
  9. Hanging clothing in unauthorized places.
  10. Perform any kind of acts that may harm the property, hygiene and appearance of the camper area.
  11. Cycling without lights once it gets dark.
  12. Annoying other clients with noise from televisions and radios or smoke from electric / gas barbecues.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to prune, cut or attack the plants and trees of the camper area.
  14. Ropes cannot be tied to trees.
  15. The use of all kinds of fireworks inside and near the camper area is prohibited.
  16. It is prohibited to tie the windscreen to the hedges. A distance of 50cm from the hedge will be respected, so that the camping staff can carry out the scheduled maintenance tasks.
  17. 17. The installation by customers of elements that do not correspond to those of temporary, own and habitual use of the stay of the campsites and / or harm the tourist image of the establishment is expressly prohibited. Specifically, floors, fences, sinks, household appliances and any other element that by its fixation transmits an image of permanence in the campsite may not be installed on the plots, its installation by the client being sufficient cause for the termination of the accommodation contract, whatever its modality, without any right to compensation.


For Nomadic Valencia Camping Car, a claim is the same as a suggestion for improvement, so we also invite you to fill out our questionnaire-survey in order to study your proposals through our continuous improvement system.

At the campsite reception, there are official complaint sheets where the client can state the claims or complaints he/she considers appropriate.


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