Nomadic Camping Car is located in a privileged enclave: the millenary and historic Huerta de València.


L’Horta de València, which is how it is called in the local language, was born together with the foundation of Valentia, in the second century BC, and is currently a complex and changing rural space, which remains active despite the continuous urban pressure to which it is subjected.


The physical environment of this land and the Mediterranean rain regime are the two natural keys that forced our ancestors, Romans and especially Arabs, to domesticate the water of the nearby river Túria and of the springs that nourish this area. The result is a system of ditches, mills, wells and a whole series of organization and coexistence guidelines for their peaceful distribution, which still survives today and has its most brilliant representation in the “Tribunal de las Aguas”, an institution created around the 10th century and which is declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.


Staying in the garden of Valencia allows, due to its proximity to the “capital of Túria”, the possibility of combining urban tourism and the innumerable leisure and cultural proposals of the city of Valencia with a more relaxed and leisurely travel style, or what we would call “Slow Tourism”. Acquire the products that local farmers offer us, especially those who work organically, stroll along the bike path that runs between changing fields or visit a xufas drying place and learn about the manufacturing process of the famous horchata with denomination of origin of Valencia, are some of the attractive opportunities that the Valencia garden can offer Nomadic Valencia Camping Car customers.

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